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Procurement of Forward Force HQ Communications' Equipment Begins

The Nordic Advisory and Coordination Staff (NACS) entered a contractual agreement on 6th March 2017 with a Kenyan ICT Solutions' provider, Smoothtel (K) Ltd, for the latter's procurement and installation of Command and Control's Communication Information Systems (C2CIS).

The agreement was signed between the Danish Technical Advisor to EASF, Col. Joern Rasmussen and the CEO of Smoothtel (K) Ltd Mr. Raphael Mwangi. The Nordic Countries have teamed up with the Government of the United Kingdom (UK) to support the initial phase of this project. In December 2015, the Danish Government together with United Kingdom donated a Start-Up-Kit for Forward Force Headquarters to EASF.

The package being procured under the first phase of this project comprises high-end laptops, ruggedized laptops, operating systems, standard programs and printers. The goal here is to equip a force headquarters and sector command posts with the necessary communication infrastructure which will enable them hit the ground running in event of deployment in any region on the African continent. The second phase of the entire project will see more companies come up with diverse proposals to address the the remaining C2CIS requirements.

The Smoothtel CEO was accompanied by three technical officials while Col. Rasmussen's team included EASF's Chief J6 and two IT personnel.


 Picture Gallery of Signing of the Contractual Agreement

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