Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Towards Peace - EASF Engages Academic Institutions

In it's efforts to enhance peace and security in the region, EASF hosted students from  Hekima university pursuing peace & security studies in course of the 46th week of the year 2016.

The intensive crash program aimed at educating

the students on how organizational, structural, strategic and operational targets are defined, set and achieved in a multidimensional environment by the regional peacekeeping force. The students held various sessions with Members of EASF Management, Heads of Components (Police, Civilian and Military), EASF Technical Advisors and EASF Staff at operational levels.

In order to introduce peace concepts to future leaders and nurture them along the desired path, EASF has already rolled out an outreach program targeting universities, schools and any other institutions interested in matters of peace within the Eastern African region. The EASF Promotion Team can be contacted for further information by CLICKING HERE.


University Students taking Peace Studies Call on the EASF Secretariat


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