Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

EASF Conducts Planning on the Further Implementation of its Communication and Advocacy Strategy 2015 – 2017

EASF acknowledges the significance and not at least the operational importance that professional and efficient handling of communication efforts means for a successful fulfilment of its mandate. For that purpose EASF conducted during 22nd – 24th

November an internal workshop with the purpose of operationalising the strategy. The workshop was attended by the EASF Information Manager, Mrs. Lucie Sewe, IT – specialist, Mr. Francis Mugo and the Danish Advisor to EASF, Colonel Joern Rasmussen. Within this domain EASF has identified three focus areas – “External Communication”, “Internal Communication” and “Communication during deployment and mission-partaking”. During the workshop the participants touched upon a considerable amount of different topics with relevance for ensuring professional handling of communication challenges.

The output of the workshop included among others the preparation of an Activity Plan for 2017, continuation of EASF Open Days in EASF member states (see Module, on right hand side of this page), introduction of EASF Newsletter (first version in December 2016), launch of EASF Intranet in early 2017, introduction of “EASF Promotion Team” – an initiative where EASF is offering visiting universities, schools, various communities, authorities and others which have an interest to learn more and discuss about EASF’s role in promoting peace and security in Eastern Africa and across the continent. For more information see elsewhere at the EASF Homepage.

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