Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Handover at Force Headquarters

Director new FCEASF received a new Force Commander, Brig Gen Alaadin Osman Mirghani from the Sudan at a ceremony held on 3rd May 2017 at the EASF Force Headquarters in Addis Ababa.

This was after Brig Gen Domitien Kabisa from Burundi completed his three-year term. On the same note, Col Salahuldin Osman Omer from the Sudan handed over his responsibility as Chief of Staff Logbase to Col Godwin Karugaba from Uganda.

The Force Headquarters serves as a command headquarters for force preparation and operational command of the Standby Force, while the Logistics Base is the central regional base for sub-depots and for maintaining, storage and management of the logistical infrastructure of EASF.
The new team joins EASF on the staff rotation system which provides an opportunity for all member states to serve in the EASF structures for a specific period.  EASF is currently preparing to conduct a massive Exercise, the Field Training Exercise (FTX) in November 2017 in Port Sudan, Republic of the Sudan.  The two structures will play a pivotal role during the Exercise which aims to further test readiness of the Force to deploy and to strengthen the capacities and capabilities that have been developed over the years.

Brig Gen Mirghani and Col Karugaba will hold the positions for three years after which they will hand over to other Member States as defined in the rotation formula.


Photogallery: Handover at both Force Headquarters and PlanElm

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