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Djibouti Minister for Defence Receives EASF Director

The Defence Minister of the Republic of Djibouti, Mr. Ali Hassan Bahdon held discussions related to the upcoming Field Training Exercise (FTX) with the EASF Director, Dr. Abdillahi Omar Bouh on 29th October 2017 in Djibouti.

The Director updated the Minister on the progress EASF has been making as far as preparations for FTX 2017, which is scheduled to take place in Port Sudan in November, are concerned.

During the day's discussions, the Director informed the Defence Minister about the various activities the Standby Force has been undertaking which are meant to enhance the Full Operational Capability status acquired in 2014. Some of the most notable achievements include capacity building through the use of exemplary training curriculums which have been designed by seasoned professional organizations in the recent past.

The Defence Minister assured the Director that the Republic of Djibouti has a number of distinguished centers of excellence which are ready to host EASF's trainings in order to boost the professional capacity of deployable personnel. Mr. Bahdon pledged the support of his Ministry in facilitating the achievement of EASF's goals whenever requested, as defined within the relevant agreements in place.

On the same day, the Director also held FTX 2017 related talks with the Djiboutian Armed Forces Chief of Defence, General Zakaria Cheikh Ibrahim.

On the left is the EASF Director and  Chief of Defence Forces after their meeting.



 Photo Gallery: EASF Director Meets the Djiboutian Minister for Defence



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