Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Pakistan National Defence University Visits EASF Once Again

A delegation from the National Defence University of Pakistan paid the Eastern African Standby Force Secretariat a visit in Karen, Nairobi on 17th April 2018. The university visited the regional peace-keeper for the first time a year ago, precisely on 26th April 2017.

Receiving the guests at the Secretariat, the EASF Director Dr. Abdillahi Omar Bouh expressed his gratitude on behalf of the entire EASF fraternity to the Defence University and the Government of Pakistan for the keen interest shown in regards to the operations of the Standby Force. The Head of the Delegation, Brigadier Shamraiz, briefed Dr. Bouh on the structures and workings of his country's naval forces; consequent discussions held are valuable to EASF at a time when the peace-keeper is on the verge of boosting it's Maritime Cell. Further briefings to the guests were done by EASF staff in the course of the day.

The Pakistan National Defence University, which gained its current status in 2007, is dedicated to the study and research in military science, geo-strategy and international relations. It also carries the mandate of imparting higher education in policy and strategy formulation at various levels. The university acts as a national think tank in matters of national security and defence.


  Photo Gallery: Pakistan National Defence University Visits EASF Once Again

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