Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Rwanda Hosts EASF's Policy Organs’ Meetings

The 24th Ordinary Session of the Eastern Africa Standby Force's Policy Organs' Meetings kicked off on Tuesday, 24th July 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Experts Working Group (EWG) meeting, which is the first of the three scheduled meetings, was officially opened by the Rwanda Air Force Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen. Charles Karamba.

In his opening remarks, the guest of honor underscored the importance of Policy Organs’ Meetings which, apart from discussing the strategic direction of the Standby Force, also provide a good opportunity to cement relations with EASF Member States. The ten Member States continue to cultivate paths towards peace and security in order to provide a conducive environment for economic development in the region.

Maj. Gen. Karamba reflected on the Experts’ Working Group’s responsibility over the next two days, which involves deep deliberations on agenda items whereby the group will be expected to review and make recommendations to be presented to the higher levels of EASF Policy Organs. The next two decision making organs are the Committee of Eastern Africa Chiefs of Defence Staff and the Council of Ministers for Defence and Security.

The Director of EASF, Dr. Abdillahi Omar Bouh, informed the EWG that the Organization continues to maintain a fully operational multidimensional integrated Standby Force ready to respond to emerging crises in the region and beyond. This is accomplished by improving capacity through training and conducting exercises as laid down in EASF’s activity plan.

The Experts working Group meeting will be followed by the Eastern Africa Committee of Defence Staff and finally the Council of Ministers of Defence and Security.


Photo Gallery: Rwanda Hosts EASF Policy Organs’ Meetings

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