Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

24th Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers Concludes

The 24th Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers for Defence and Security from the Eastern Africa Region took place on the 27th July 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda. This final meeting of EASF's

Policy Organs was officially opened by Hon. Gen. James Kabarebe, the Minister for Defence of the Republic of Rwanda. During his opening statement, the Guest of Honour took note of the region's collective efforts and commitment that have contributed towards progress by the continent in its quest for lasting peace, security and stability. This has immensely paved way for the advancement of its peoples.

Gen. Kabarebe, however, noted that the region continues to grapple with violent conflicts and relapses into cycles of violence, as well as emerging threats ranging from increasing incidences of terrorist attacks and abductions, cross-border organized crime syndicates, human and drug trafficking, illicit proliferation of small arms and light weapons with increasing magnitude. He called upon the Council of Ministers to review not only the political and cultural dynamics which lead to various forms of conflict and war in the region, but also to re-align strategies to emerging conflict situations and scenarios.
The Chairperson of the Council of Ministers, Hon Adolf Mwesige, who is the Minister for Defence and Veteran Affairs of the Republic of Uganda, took note of the tremendous progress made in the continent and especially in the Eastern Africa Region in its quest for lasting peace, security and stability. He, however, acknowledged the fact that the region still suffers from intermittent insecurity and conflicts that have led to loss of lives and livelihoods. Hon Mwesige pledged to maintain the tempo that has been set to ensuring attainment of the objectives of the organization in fulfilling the aspirations of the Eastern African people.

The Director EASF, Dr Abdillahi Omar Bouh welcomed all distinguished delegates to the 24th Ordinary Policy Organs Meeting of the Council of Ministers for Defense and Security of the Eastern Africa region. Dr. Bouh thanked the Host Nation for the warm hospitality accorded to all delegates since their arrival in Kigali, Rwanda. On behalf of the Secretariat, the Director expressed gratitude to EASF Member States for the cooperation and support accorded to the organization in order to ensure success in all its activities. He conveyed his gratitude to the African Union Commission (AUC), Friends of EASF and Partners for the participation in EASF activities, technical, logistical and financial support over the years.

On behalf of the countries comprising the “Friends of EASF”, the Chairperson, Colonel Joern Rasmussen, who is also the Defence Attaché to the Royal Danish Embassy in Kenya, thanked EASF Member States for having extended the invitation to attend the EASF Council of Ministers meeting in Kigali, Rwanda. He called upon the leadership of EASF to continue making the right decisions on managing the organization in view of its current capacities and capabilities.


Photo Gallery: 24th Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers Concludes

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