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EASF Concludes Deployment in Comoros

The Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) has concluded the deployment of an Election Observer Mission in the Union of Comoros. The mission comprised of 13 observers from EASF Member States who had arrived in the country four days ahead of the 30th July referendum.

The EASF Observer Mission (EASF-SEOM) was deployed on all three Islands namely, Anjouan, Moheli and Grande Comore. Prior to polling day, the observers met with different stakeholders including the civil society organizations, the media and officers from the Election Commission (CENI).

On main polling day, a total of 94 polling stations were visited by the observers followed by the observation of the tallying center. The EASF-SEOM preliminary report was due to be launched at a press conference at the ‘Retaj’ hotel on 1st of August 2018 but did not take place due to some unforeseen constraints.

The methodology used for the EASF-SEOM was based on the ‘AU Charter’ on democratic elections and good governance in Africa. This Observer Mission is the first mission that EASF has engaged in.


Photo Gallery: EASF Concludes Deployment in Comoros

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