Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Humanitarian Action and Disaster Support Workshop Starts

A three day workshop on the preparation of a plan for the humanitarian action and natural disaster support commonly known as HANDS was officially opened on Tuesday 14th August at the Kenya Commercial Bank Leadership Center in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya. The aim of the workshop

is to ensure that EASF‘s Mission Planning & Management Section (MP&MS) understands the  challenges and requirements of a HANDS mission deployment.

In his opening remarks, the Chief of Staff of the EASF, Col. Jean Marie Barumpishe pointed out the challenges of this region namely political instability and humanitarian crisis. ‘’This is why we need to be prepared and ready to face these challenges. During humanitarian crisis we don’t have time to plan, hence the reason for a readily available generic framework for humanitarian and disaster relief’’ said Col. Barumpishe adding that the workshop was due to take place two years back.

While welcoming the participants to the workshop, the United Kingdom Advisor to the EASF, Lieutenant Colonel Turner said that this workshop, funded by the African Union, is of high importance to the EASF. ‘’This short and sharp workshop is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of the participants in the preparation of a plan for the humanitarian action and natural disaster support’’ Lieutenant Colonel Turner added. The workshop is being supported by an Australian and UK team of subject matter experts, led by the Australian Deputy Ambassador, Jonathon Ball.

It is expected that this event will contribute to the development of a draft for EASF HANDS CONOPS framework focusing on Force Generation (FORGEN).

According to the only female participant from the member states, Alice Mutesi from Rwanda, upon the completion of this workshop a common framework for the humanitarian intervention should be completed so as to ensure effective intervention strategies and guidelines.

Also present during the opening ceremony were the Danish Technical Advisor to EASF Col. Claus Pedersen, the Head of the EASF Civilian component and EASF staff.
Over 25 participants are attending the workshop including representatives from different EASF Member States. The workshop has been fully funded by the African Union.


Photo Gallery: Workshop on Humanitarian Action and Natural Disaster Support Starts

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