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EASF Experts Working Group Meeting Starts

A three-day meeting of the Eastern Africa Standby Force Experts' Working Group got going today 26th September at the Secretariat, in Karen, Kenya. According to the decision of 24th Policy Organs' Meetings, the Experts Working Group Meeting is being held to review the Rotation

Matrix of the organization for consideration and approval by the next 25th Policy Organs' Meetings (POM).

During his opening speech, the Director of EASF Dr. Abdillahi Omar Bouh, welcomed the experts and said that the Secretariat had convened the meeting in order to fulfill the decision of the 24th POMs on the issues of EASF staff Rotational Matrix as the current matrix comes to an end.
The Director added "for the success of this meeting, your inputs are vital and I urge you to contribute to the fullest"

The Staff rotations are usually rolled out alphabetically among the ten EASF Member States in order to ensure an equitable approach in representation within the Standby Force.

The current Rotation Matrix for Staff was approved by the Council of Ministers in 2015 and it expires this month.


Photo Gallery: EASF Experts Working Group Meeting Starts


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