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Maritime Search & Rescue Course Officially Opened in Seychelles

A two weeks Maritime Search and Rescue course (SAR), was officially opened on 1st October 2018 in Victoria, Seychelles. The course aim is to train and equip naval, coastguard officers and maritime rescue coordination centers (MRCC) staff with skills that enable them to respond to any emergencies or distress at sea.

This course is considered as the first course to be run by the EASF Regional instructors, after the handed over of the course from Nordic instructors (NACS) late of August 2018. The overall Objective of this course is to improve the regional coordination of maritime operations from shore-based centers (MRRC) or (MOC) to other government agencies who deal with maritime safety and security in order to respond to incidents in the regional maritime zones.

In his opening remarks, the EASF Deputy Chief of Staff CDR (p.s.c) Ali Tibeag Mohamed Nassir, who is the Chief of the Maritime Planning Cell, thanked the people and government of Republic of Seychelles for their continuous support of EASF activities. He acknowledged the hospitality that Seychelles has accorded to the participants of the course. He also thanked the Friends of EASF and supporters, facilitators, regional instructors, participants and their respective countries for availing them to be part of this very important course.   

The Norwegian Advisor to the EASF, Cdr (SG) Lars Ivar Fjell, underlined the importance of the course for EASF; this being the first regionally owned course. This course aligns with the capacity building strategy which enables EASF to respond to any Search and Rescue demands within the region.

The Guest of Honor Colonel Simon Dine who is the Commander of the Seychelles' Coast Guard maintained that the course would contribute to the development of EASF in capability and capacity building perspectives. He reiterated his happiness in hosting the course in the Seychelles' Coast Guard's Base.

The course comprises 31 participants from Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Kenya, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sudan, Uganda, EASF Maritime Planning Cell Staff as well as the Regional Center for Operation Coordination staff (RCOC) personnel.


Photo Gallery: Maritime Search and Rescue Course Officially Opened in Seychelles



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