Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Strengthening the Police Force

The Police Component in the EASF, with the financial support of the African Union, organised a two-weeks’ course aimed at strengthening Command, Control and Communication of Formed Police Units (FPU).

Over 30 participants from EASF member states attended the training which was held in Djibouti from 22nd October to 9th November, 2018.  It was also the first time for Djibouti to host such high level training for Formed Police Units. The commanders’ course is very crucial because FPUs play a very important role in the Peace Support Operations (PSOs). They provide security support to the UN/AU operations by ensuring the safety and security of the UN/AU personnel and assets, contribute to the protection of civilians and also support police operations in general.

The participants also covered topics like peace support operations as well as multidimensional, integrated PSO concepts, functions of FPUs and in depth understanding on how to implement the code of conduct while deployed in the mission area.

During the closing ceremony, the Director of EASF, Dr. Abdillahi Omar Bouh, emphasized that the course was in line with the objectives of the organization. He said “EASF will continue with its endeavor in training and development of the police force, this will enable us to fulfil our vision, achieve our mandate and be in a position to respond effectively to situations that might compromise peace and security not only in the Eastern African region but also in other parts of Africa as may be required. It is my conviction that the course has imparted you with the requisite knowledge".

According to the Head of the Police component at EASF, ACP Dinah Kyasiimire, the course was a success and the host country helped a lot with the logistic and on ground support.








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