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Breakfast Meeting: Friends of EASF

The Danish Ambassador H.E Mette Knudsen hosted a breakfast meeting for ‘Friends of EASF’ on 5th December 2018, at her residence in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Eastern Africa Standby Force has many strategic partners, one being a pool of many countries regrouped under the name ‘Friends of EASF’. The aim of the breakfast meeting was to update those present on the latest developments and challenges of EASF as well as strengthening the collaboration with existing partners.  In her introductory remarks, H.E Amb. Knudsen highlighted the importance of strategic partners such as the Nordic group and others in supporting the work of EASF.

On his part, the Chairperson of ‘Friends of EASF’ Col. Joern Rasmussen spoke about the importance of collaborating and networking with the countries represented and also considering other potential countries in coming onboard to support EASF. ‘’Countries represented around this table today, are countries interested in the development of EASF. We are here to support and find common solutions for the challenges facing EASF’’ he added.

During the deliberations, many countries commonly agreed that there is a need to maintain support for EASF and at the same time EASF Member States should maintain their commitment towards the organisation in terms of financial contributions and their active participation in the training programs. Both the Joint Chief of Staff and the Director of EASF also briefed the meeting.

This is the second breakfast meeting hosted by the Danish Ambassador this year. More than ten countries were represented at the event namely Finland, Denmark, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, Kenya, Netherlands, Rwanda and others.


Photo Gallery: Breakfast Meeting with Friends of EASF





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