Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

UN/AU Police Officers Trainers Workshop Comes to a Close

Course ParticipantsThe Eastern Africa Standby Force Police Component held United Nations/African Union Police Officers Course (UN/AUPOC) Trainers Workshop, week 13 of 2019 in Mombasa, Kenya. The workshop aimed at evaluating the EASF Police training activities carried out in 2018 as well as plan on the best way to implement the activities for 2019.

The workshop was opened by EASF Joint Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. (Dr) Charles Rudakubana who warmly welcomed all participants to the UN/AUPOC Trainers Workshop on behalf of the Director of EASF.

Maj. Gen. (Dr) Rudakubana underscored the that successfully accomplishment of EASF’s mission is anchored on regular training and exercises as well as conducting other capacity enhancement activities. He reflected on the critical role played by the Police Component plays in maintaining security and protecting the civilian society from physical violence by filling critical gaps between the protection capabilities of military and civilian components in Peace Support Operations.

Maj.Gen. (Dr.) Rudakubana expressed his gratitude to EASF Member States for availing the trainees to attend this important workshop. He further thanked the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the continued financial and technical support to the EASF Police Component which is implemented through the "Geselleschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit" (GIZ). This training was fully financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the training, GIZ was represented by the Police Project Officer, Ms. Diana Anam.


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