Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

The Committee of Chiefs of Defence Staff is in Bujumbura

The Committee of Eastern Africa Chiefs of Defence Staff (EACDS) meeting kicked off on 10th July 2019 in Bujumbura, Burundi.

The meeting, which forms part of the 26th Ordinary Session of the EASF Policy Organs, was graced by the Guest of Honour H.E. Mr. Emmanuel Ntahomvukiye the Minister of Burundi National Defence and War Veterans.

In his opening speech, Mr. Emmanuel Ntahomvukiye noted that the nature of violence has been changing and evolving very fast in the region, involving an array of non-state actors. “We must always endeavor to review our response to these changes, in order to make peace on this continent a reality. There is need to consolidate peace where success has been achieved. There is also need to work together by deepening our partnership as Member States and that way we can make a significant contribution to this end”, he said.

This meeting has been convened to discuss some very important issues on the management and the implementation of the rotation matrix for EASF. “We remain focussed on peace and security in the Eastern Africa Region. I urge you to spare no effort in your discussions to come up with well thought out recommendations, this is the only way that you will be able to guide the Policy Organs in making decisions that will enhance peace and security not only in our region but also in Africa as a whole”, the Guest of Honour added.

The Director of EASF Dr. Abdillahi Omar Bouh informed the meeting that the EASF Secretariat continues to have very cordial and fruitful engagements with all Member States and partners in the planning and implementation of EASF activities. In this area, the support of the Chiefs of Defence has been very instrumental in all the achievements realized so far.
Dr. Bouh noted that the EASF Secretariat fully appreciates the commitment of all Member States to regional Peace, Security and Stability and acknowledges efforts towards constructive resolution of disputes whenever they arise.

The meeting of the Committee of the Eastern Africa Chiefs of Defence Staff will be followed by the Council of Ministers of Defence and Security of the region.


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