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Certified Trainers of the IMPP, another Milestone for EASF

Integrated Mission Planning Process (IMPP) is the integration of the three components namely the military, police and civilian in planning for a mission in line with the African Union mandating process. For the first time, the EASF has conducted a Training

of Trainers course (ToT), whereby 21 trainers were certified after completion of the course including the final examinations.  The course and exams were conducted in the Seychelles and it was financed by the government of the United Kingdom.

In his address to the newly certified IMPP trainers, the course Director who is also the Civilian Advisor at the EASF, Mr Peter Zartsdahl highlighted the importance of the IMPP course and how the course content has been updated making it more relevant and comprehensive.

According to two participants of the course, Mr. Fred Bamboche and Mr. Steve Lalande, they are now confident and deeply acquainted with the IMPP content and mandating process and more importantly, they are ready to impart their knowledge, skills and competencies to fellow participants from EASF Member States.

It is expected that the newly certified trainers will be part of the training team and facilitators of the next Integrated Mission Planning Course (IMPC) due to take place  in October, in the Republic of Sudan.

The participants of the training of trainers were from the EASF member states namely from the host country Seychelles, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.


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