Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

EASF Rolls Out Integrated Mission Planning Course

The Eastern Africa Standby Force started a two weeks Integrated Mission Planning Course (IMPC) on Monday 14th October 2019, at the Sudan Peace Academy in Khartoum, Sudan.

The Integrated Mission Planning Course is aimed at preparing participants to work in an Integrated Mission Headquarters Joint Planning Group (JPG) or an Integrated Mission Planning Team (IMPT) and for taking up positions in the Integrated Mission Headquarters during Operations.
The Guest of Honour General (Navy) Majdi Said Omar who is the Sudan Navy’s Chief of Staff maintained that Sudan, as a Member State of EASF, is strategically located in the region and is committed to work with EASF and other regional and international partners in order to promote peace, security and stability in the Eastern Africa region and beyond. The IMPC training is important to EASF to have well trained and ready staff officers who can tackle any future threats and challenges effectively.

The Director of EASF Dr. Abdillahi Omar Bouh noted that the significance of the training was to have qualified and competent regional human resources for the three components of EASF as well as to increase the number of individuals from across all ten Member States who are ready to operate as Staff Officers at either the Mission or Force Headquarters level.

Dr. Bouh was optimistic that at the end of the course, the participants would be familiarised with the doctrine and analytical tools that can help them to operate as Staff Officers within an integrated Mission or Force HQs Level.

“The Military, Police and Civilian Components have different responsibilities but they have the same objective. This course has therefore enabled you to understand and appreciate each other’s roles and more importantly to be able to coordinate such that all components are able to efficiently, effectively and timely play their roles or outputs related to their common objective and the same outcome at any mission”, the Director added.

It is expected that this training will contribute to increasing the number of individuals held on the Deployment and Readiness Roster (D&RR) and who are competent in Integrated Mission Planning Process, thus enhancing the operational effectiveness of EASF.  The two weeks course is expected to come to the end on Friday 25th October 2019.


Photo Gallery: EASF Rolls Out Integrated Mission Planning Course

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