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Strategic Planning Process on the Drawing Board

A three-day training workshop ended today, Wednesday 29th January 2020 with the finalization of the first draft of the EASF Strategic Planning Process (SPP) which will later go through a rigorous testing phase in time for the expected Command Post Exercise (CPX) due later this year.

The Strategic Planning Process (SPP) is a pivotal document which is to be used at the strategic level before the deployment of any possible mission of the EASF. The SPP is to be aligned with the recently approved EASF Crisis Response Mechanism Guidelines (CRM) and the planning processes.

It was discovered that in order to comply with the CRM, EASF was in need of an SPP operationalizing the first parts of the CRM in terms of internal structural functions, procedural steps, tools and products associated with the internal process of developing strategic direction for mission-level planning. Hence, the reason for the development of this workshop was the distinct purpose of drafting a Strategic Planning Process to complement the EASF CRM and Integrated Mission Planning Process (IMPP) and to be tested in the final part of the internal course, due to take place later this year.
According to the EASF’s Senior Civilian Advisor, Mr. Peter Zartsdahl, the SPP is an important document for the EASF especially in preparation for this year’s CPX and as a consequence of operationalizing the CRM policy, minor consequential adjustments have become relevant to the CRM.

The training workshop was funded by Denmark through the support of the International Advisory & Coordination staff (IACS) and attended by 15 participants from both the EASF Secretariat and Logistics Base.


Photo Gallery: Strategic Planning Process on the Drawing Board


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