Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Danish Delegation Visits EASF Secretariat

The Chairperson and Chair Committee of the Danish Parliamentary Presidium paid a visit to EASF on 4th March 2020 to receive an update about the Danish Peace Stabilization Project, including EASF and the development EASF has achieved during the last 15 years.

The contribution of the Nordic Advisory Coordination Staff (NACS) during the last 10 years also came into focus, including deliberations on the way ahead in the context of the International Advisory Coordination Staff (IACS).

The Chair, Mr. Henrik Dam Kristensen, Deputy Chair, Mrs. Karen Ellemann, and 4th Deputy Chair, Mrs. Trine S. Torp together with the Parliamentary Secretary General Mr. Carsten U. Larsen, were very interested in the constellation and development of the Eastern Africa Standby Force, and the cooperation in that context within the 10 EASF Member States.

Unfortunately, the EASF Senior Management could not attend due to the ongoing 17th Extra-Ordinary Policy Organs meetings currently taking place in Comoros. But IACS, represented by Danish Civilian Adviser Peter Zartsdahl and Police Adviser Dep. Chief Superintendent Bjarne Askholm introduced the delegation, which consisted too of the Ambassador Mrs. Mette Knudsen, Dep. Ambassador Mr. Henrik Larsen and Defence Attache who is also the Chair of Friends of EASF, Col. Joern Rasmussen, into the recent years' developments. Of particular emphasis were the perspectives, strategy and the way ahead to continue the development of the Multidimensional and Integrated Eastern Africa Standby Force within the cooperation among the Military, Police and Civilian Components.

The Danish Parliamentary Presidium visit to EASF was a part of a 3-day visit to Kenya, including visits and briefings about governance and business development projects too. As the Center for Innovative Climate Technology, African Coffee Roosters, African largest wind farm at Lake Turkana with 365 Danish Vestas windmills were paid visits, including the Kenyan Parliament and a meeting with the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Justin Muturi. Other visits included those of institutions such as the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD).

The Presidium of the Danish Parliament left Kenya later this evening with very good impressions of the improvement and development in various stages of projects and areas within capacity building in peace and security, good governances and business projects as well.


Photo Gallery: Danish Delegation Visits EASF Secretariat



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