Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Extra-Ordinary Policy Organs' Meetings Conclude

The EASF's 17th Extra-Ordinary Policy Organs Meetings came to a successful conclusion on 5th March 2020 in Moroni, Comoros.

The EASF Director Dr. Abdillahi Omar Bouh thanked the Government and the people of the Union of Comoros for hosting the Policy Organs meetings. Dr. Bouh outlined the key achievements EASF has made during his tenure over the last three years. Some of these include the ratification of the Agreement on Establishment of EASF, the growth of the EASF Peace Fund, capacity building initiatives to enhance and maintain the Full Operational Capability gained in 2014, building partnerships with various organizations in peace and security areas among others.  

During his speech, the Guest of Honor, Hon. Moustadrane Abdou, who is the Minister for Environment and Agriculture of the Union of Comoros expressed his belief that the Policy Organs meetings would deliberate on the necessary steps aimed at translating the vision and mission of the Eastern African Standby Force into action. He expressed his confidence that EASF has the capacities necessary to address the complex and changing peace and security challenges confronting the region and the continent at large. He thanked the Secretariat under the leadership of Dr. Bouh for having steered the organization in the right direction over the last three years.

The Chairperson of the Council of the Ministers for Defence and Security of the Eastern Africa region who is the Minister for Defence of the Union of Comoros Hon. Youssoufa Mohamed Ali thanked those present for attending the meeting. He paid a tribute to personnel deployed in peacekeeping in the region and beyond. Hon. Ali remained optimistic that the new members of staff being interviewed to take up positions within EASF in accordance with the Rotation Matrix would do their best to realize the organisation's vision in the long run.


Photo Gallery: Extra-Ordinary Policy Organs' Meetings Conclude



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