Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

EASF Participates in Small Arms Survey MPOME Workshop

The Eastern Africa Standby Force took part in a two day regional workshop organized by Small Arms Survey, in collaboration with the International Peace Support Training Center (IPSTC), on 13th and 14th March 2018 at IPSTC in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya.


African Integrated Crisis Management Course Starts

The Eastern Africa Standby Force launched a one-week African Integrated Crisis Management (AICM) Course at the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Leadership Center in Nairobi, Kenya, on 12th March 2017.


Discussions on Planning of Diplomats' Meeting Kick Off

The EASF Director, Dr Abdillahi Omar Bouh, held a crucial meeting with the Chairperson of Friends of EASF who is also the Danish Defence Attache to Kenya, Colonel Joern Rasmussen at the Secretariat in Karen, Nairobi, on 9th March 2018.

The meeting focused on initiating planning procedures for a high level ambassadorial meeting during which further discussions on EASF's engagement in Peace Support Operations (PSOs) within


NATO Representatives Visit EASF Force Headquarters

A delegation of NATO Officers headed by Captain (N) Yusuf Akyüz paid the EASF Force Headquarters and Logistics Base in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a visit on 7th March 2018.



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