Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Committee of Chiefs of Defence in Kampala

eacdsThe Chiefs of Defence Staff met in Kampala for the 2nd Ordinary Meeting of the Committee of Eastern Africa Standby Force Chiefs of Defence Staff. The meeting forms part of the Policy Organs meetings that are conducted regularly to provide guidance for executing the affairs of EASF.

The meeting was officially opened by Gen David Muhozi, the Chief of Defence Forces, Uganda People’s Defence Forces. In his opening statement, he reiterated the responsibility of Chiefs of Defence Staff to strengthen the Eastern Africa Standby Force, to deliver the right impact in the right time as they continue to work towards a peaceful and stable Eastern Africa. “The reality of having our own capacity as is embedded within the EASF, speaks to our collective resolve to ensure that our region remains stable,” he said.

The Director of EASF, Amb Chanfi Issimail summarised the status of development of EASF and highlighted its readiness to deploy when mandated to do so. The meeting discussed the resources for sustaining EASF post Full Operational Stucture, new staffing structure and the plan for a Field Training Exercise (FTX) which will take place later in the year.

The meeting was attended by Chiefs of Defence Staff from the ten EASF member states and their representatives.


  1. [Speech of Gen. David Muhozi, the CDF, Uganda People’s Defence Forces]
  2. [Speech of EASF Director, Amb. Issimail Chanfi during the EACD Meeting]


Picture Gallery of the Policy Organs Meetings March 2017

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