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Crisis Response Mechanism Workshop Kicks Off

A three day workshop on crisis response mechanism for the EASF was officially opened on Monday 10th September 2018 at the Simba Lodge in Naivasha, Kenya. The aim main objective of this workshop is to initiate the step towards

the elaboration of the EASF crisis response mechanism to ensure a seamless pre-deployment process. It is also meant to provide an opportunity for participants to brainstorm on the finer details of the EASF Crisis response mechanism and contribute towards the development of a guiding framework document.

In his opening remarks, the Director of the EASF, Dr Abdillahi Omar Bouh said "as an inter-Governmental organization responsible for peace and security in the region we recognize and embrace our noble mission to maintain and sustain a fully operational, multi-international and multi-dimensional standby force ready to respond in emerging crisis".

Crisis Response Mechanism has been elaborated at the Strategic/Political level where the Policy Organs are aware of the steps to take to enable deployment for a mission. There is a gap on how the mechanism can be effectively used to enable smooth running of the pre deployment process at the Secretariat and structure level.

Over 20 participants are attending the workshop and according to Ali Said Ali the Political officer at EASF who is also a participant at the workshop, it is expected that the deliberations will help in identifying the gaps in the crisis response mechanism and positively bridge these gaps. He is hopeful that by the end of the workshop a more comprehensive document will be ready.
Attending the workshop are senior management and staff of EASF including the heads of the three components (Military, Civilian and Police) as well as Nordic Advisory Coordination Staff (NACS’) coordinator.


Photo Gallery: Crisis Response Mechanism Workshop Kicks Off

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