Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Council of Ministers for Defence Meets

The 27th edition of the Eastern Africa Standby Force's Council of Ministers for Defence and Security meeting was officially opened on Friday 6th December, 2019 at the Protea Skyz Hotel in Kampala.

The EASF Policy Organs Meetings have three levels namely the Experts Working Group meeting, the Committee of Chiefs of Defense and Security meeting and the Council of Ministers Defense and Security meeting.

The Guest Honor Hon. Adolf Mwesige, Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs of Uganda graced the assembly and in his speech, commended EASF for serving as the AU Continental Standby Force for the second half of this year. The minister noted, ‘’we are faced with many security challenges in our region from terrorism, cross-border crime and illicit trafficking; this is why we need to continuously promote the values of peace and security’’

On his part, the Director of EASF Dr. Abdillahi Omar Bouh applauded the host country, Uganda for its excellent hospitality and warmth. He reiterated his vision to move EASF to the new level and enhance the capability of the organisation in all spheres.

The Chairperson of the Friends of EASF Col. Joern Rasmussen who also took the floor, pointed out his greatest appreciation to the host country Uganda. In his remarks, Col. Rasmussen presented his words of regret and sympathy to the people of Uganda and that of other countries affected by the recent cases of flooding. He noted the importance of the different scenarios especially the intervention of EASF in natural and humanitarian disasters. Col. Rasmussen added his country’s continued support to EASF.

The Chairperson of EASF, Hon. Minister Emmanuel, Minister of Defence and War Veterans of Burundi, stressed on the importance of EASF’s role as the African Union Standby Force and also pleaded to the member states to maintain their regular membership contributions to the organisation.

The 27th Policy Organs Meetings will end today after which the chairmanship of the organisation will be handed over from Burundi to Comoros.


Below: Council of Ministers for Defence Meeting in Progress

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