Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Maritime Force Structure Workshop

EASF RetreatEASF conducted a Maritime Force Structure Workshop from 25th to 29th November in Nairobi, Kenya. This was the second of two workshops that aimed primarily to define the EASF Maritime Force Structure.

The Workshop was officially opened by Col James Kinalwa, EASF Chief of Staff Military Component and chaired by Lt Col Ibrahim Hamad, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Military Component. Participants reviewed and revised the existing draft document and made additional recommendations for implementation. The workshop discussions focused on two main areas: i) Command and Control; and ii) Force Structure. Participants also identified the main areas of responsibilities in the proposed structure, which included the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden sector, the Indian Ocean sector and inland Waters. In addition, they proposed EASF Maritime Capabilities including specific personnel requirements.

A key outcome from the workshop was a Maritime Force Structure document that will guide EASF maritime operations in future when it is mandated. The Workshop brought together a total of twenty participants from EASF and its Member States.



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