Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Arrival Statement of the EASF Election Observer Mission

The EASF election observer mission to the Republic of Uganda has issued its arrival statement in which a strong call has been made for peace, tolerance and respect for human rights in this important election process. The Chairperson of the Eastern Africa

Standby Force accepted the invitation of the Government of the Republic of Uganda and consequently deployed an election observer team to observe and report on the conduct of elections.

The Eastern Africa Standby Force Election Observation Mission (EASF EOM) is led by His Excellency Ambassador Ahamada Hamadi, from the Union of Comoros. The observers are from 8 EASF Member States namely; Burundi, Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Seychelles, Ethiopia and Comoros.  The EASF Election observer mission will be deployed in the central, northern, southern and western parts of the country.

The EASF-EOM assessment will be based on relevant provisions of the AU African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance of 2012 (ACDEG), the OAU/ AU Declaration of on the Principles Governing Democratic Elections in Africa, other relevant international instruments on election observation as well as national legal framework governing presidential elections of the Republic of Uganda.

The mission will meet political authorities of the country, leaders of institutions in charge of election management, candidates, media houses, civil society actors and representatives of the international community accredited to the Republic of Uganda. The Mission will also meet other election observation missions present in the country.

EASF urges the candidates and political leaders to maintain respect and tolerance throughout the election process, to respect human rights and divergence of views. We call upon the law enforcement agencies to carry out their duties in a fair and professional manner without political interference.

The EASF calls on voters to actively engage and carry out their civic obligation and constitutional duty by voting in the elections. EASF is appealing to the citizens to maintain the peaceful environment, adherence to the rule of law and to promote respect and tolerance throughout the elections.

The EASF will issue a preliminary statement based on the objective assessment of the process on Friday 15th January 2021.


Below: The Head of Mission, His Excellency Ambassador Ahamada Hamadi from the Union of Comoros, addresses the Media.



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