Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Child Protection Course Starts in Nairobi

The Eastern African Standby Force started a Child Protection Course at the International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC) in Karen, Kenya on 19th July, 2021.

The course is aimed at tackling the vulnerability of children in Peace Support Operations (PSO) environments and conflict areas as well as enhancing the understanding of participants about the armed conflicts and its impact on children. The course also helps participants to attain knowledge on their roles and responsibilities in protecting children within the context of PSOs’ environment.

The Director of EASF, also a chief guest, Brig. General Getachew Shiferaw officially opened the course. In his opening remarks, the Director extended his thanks to the Republic of Kenya for allowing EASF to conduct this important course. He also thanked Member States for their willingness to send participants for the course. The Director said that the African continent is witnessing different types of conflicts and calamities in which vulnerability of children is among the other problems. He said, “In order to hamper the problems that target children, we need to maximize this kind of course which enhances the capacity and skills of our personnel during missions.” He added, “Therefore, for successful PSOs, EASF needs to develop its multidimensional force with the right knowledge and skills to protect both girls and boys in during missions.”

Different participants from Member States and EASF staff are attending the course. The course has both theoretical and practical sessions that help participants to acquire experience, knowledge and skills on child rights and protection. The Child Protection Course will continue until 30th July 2021.


Photo Gallery: Child Protection Course Starts in Nairobi


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