Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

African Union Delegation Visits EASF


A delegation from the department of Peace Operations of the African Union conducted a two-day visit at the Eastern Africa Standby Force Secretariat from 19th to 20th April, 2023.

The working visit was conducted as part the engagement and coordination efforts between the AU and EASF aimed at enhancing collaboration and integration.

In his opening address, the Head of the EASF’s Peace Operations Department, Brig Gen Domitien Kabisa highlighted the importance of such working visits in strengthening the partnership and collaboration with AU.  ‘’We all want the best for our continent and we are working towards the common peace and security agenda therefore, it is paramount that we all speak one voice when it comes to matters of peace and security’’ concluded Brig Gen Kabisa. 

On his side, the head of the AU delegation, Brig Gen Stephen Mutuku who is also the senior monitoring and evaluation officer from the African Union talked about the crucial role EASF in promoting peace. He also expressed his appreciation to the organisation for hosting the AU delegates at the EASF.

The programme included presentations from EASF’s Force Commander, head of the different structures including the police and civilian components and discussion sessions. The event was a chance for the delegation to have a better understanding about the functions of EASF and most importantly to discuss the status of readiness of the EASF’s pledged forces. The AU delegation comprised of five members. Staff from EASF’s various components also attended the meeting.

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