Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Chairperson of Friends of EASF is Rotated

The Eastern Africa Standby Force bid farewell to the outgoing Chairperson of the Friends of EASF (FoEASF) who is also the Danish Defence Attache at the Embassy in Nairobi, Col Joern Rasmussen and welcomed his replacement in both roles, Col Jens

Lindvig, at the EASF Secretariat on 26th October 2021.

Conducting the function on behalf of the Director Brig Gen Getachew Shiferaw Fayisa was the Head of Peace Operations' Department Brig Gen Henry Isoke together with Planning Element's Joint Chief of Staff, Brig Gen Dr. PSC Osman Mohamed Abbas.

During his term as the Chairperson of FoEASF, Col Rasmussen initiated and supported many projects which have added immense value to the further development of EASF. Such projects include, the procurement of state of the art Command & Control Communications Information Systems (C2CIS) equipment in 2017, and procurement of Satellite Communications System in 2019 among others. Both projects were supported by the Government of the United Kingdom, together with the Government of the Royal Kingdom of Denmark.

Col Rasmussen has played a pivotal role in bringing together the FoEASF and procuring diverse resources which have gone well into boosting the capacity development of the regional peace-keeper. The Friends of EASF is a group of economically affluent western countries which share the common ideal of a peaceful and stable Eastern Africa, whereby regional citizens are able to pursue their goals in life in a conducive environment.

During the meeting, both Col Lindvig and Col Rasmussen were accompanied by the Point of Contact at the Danish Defence Command, Lt Commander Soeren Marcussen.


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