Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

The Pearl of Africa Hosts EASF’s High-Level Meetings

The 30th Ordinary Session of EASF's Policy Organs' Meetings (POM) was officially opened today Monday 13th of December, 2021 at the Speke Resort, in Munyonyo, Uganda.  POM is a series of three high-level meetings conducted as per the EASF regulations.

The first meeting is that of the EASF Experts’ Working Group.

It was the Guest of Honour, Gen. Peter Elwelu, Deputy Chief of the Uganda Defence Forces who officially opened the Experts’ Working Group Meeting. In his address to the delegates from the eight EASF Member States present, Gen. Elwelu pointed out the great achievements of EASF particularly, in the discharge of its mandate in promoting peace in the region and also highlighted the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the region.
The aim of the meeting is to apprise the higher leaders of the Eastern Africa region on the progress made by EASF since the 29th Ordinary Policy Organs’ Meetings held in Nairobi, Kenya.
In his welcoming remarks, the Chairperson of the EASF Experts Working Group, Col. Mohamed Barkat from Djibouti highlighted the key achievements of EASF and the importance of the Experts’ Working Group session notably in preparing for the coming year 2022.
The Director of EASF, Brig Gen Getachew Shiferaw Fayisa informed the meeting that the Secretariat had far and wide implemented the Council's decisions and the EASF Activity Plan 2021 as programmed, even though the health pandemic has affected to some extent the implementation of some activities. The Director also called on the Experts’ Working Group to consider the issue of remittance of contribution from Member States.

The next meeting to follow the Experts’ Working Group meeting will be the Chiefs of Defence’ meeting to take place, still at the same venue on Wednesday 15th December, 2021.

EASF also conveyed its utmost appreciation to the Republic of Uganda, to the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces and to EASF Member States for their contributions and participations in the 30th Policy Organs’ Meetings.


 Photo Gallery: The Pearl of Africa Hosts EASF’s High-Level Meetings

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