Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Final Stage of Force Validation

Prime Minister EthiopiaThe last Command Post Exercise for EASF preceding declaration of Full Operational Capability scheduled for December 2014, was concluded on 22 November 2014.

More than 300 participants from the ten EASF Member States underwent a two-week intensive simulation Exercise in Adama City of Ethiopia as a last stage to test readiness of the multidimensional regional force for deployment in case of any emergency in any of the Member States.

The Heads of State and Government had pledged a total of 5,200 troops as a contribution to the development of the Force during their 3rd Extraordinary Meeting held in Malabo, Guinea on 26th June 2014.

During the official closing ceremony, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Haillemariam Dessalign said the successful completion of the Exercise was an immensely uplifting moment. Dessalign who was the chief guest further said that the people of this region and the continent in general have demonstrated the commitment of Africa’s resolve to take peace and stability matters into their own hands.

Speaking during the occasion, the Chairperson of the EASF Council of Ministers of Defence and Security, Hon Gen James Kabarebe, said, “Our countries and citizens have suffered from insecurity by negative Forces such as Al Shabab and the like, who have destabilized our region.” Hon Kabarebe pointed out that countries and citizens in the region have suffered from threats of intrastate conflicts, terrorism and state collapse.

Present during the occasion were Ministers of Defence and Chiefs of Defence Staff from Member States, African Union representatives, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, and other dignitaries.

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