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Civilian Recruitment in Comoros

On 30th May 2022, the EASF Civilian Roster Recruitment  Exercise was launched officially  at the Retaj Hotel in Moroni, Comoros by the Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Comoros, Mr. Abdourahmane Said Bacar. The EASF team comprised of the Head of Civilian, Mr. Kedir Ababulgu Ali, Civilian Planning, Training and Evaluation Officer, Ms. Octavia Rose, HR Officer Col. Viator Nyangabo and Secretary for Civilian component, Ms. Fridah Mungania

There was a good turnout of interested candidates from Comoros led by Ms. Tarbiya Mohammed Maarouf expressing interest to join the African Standby capacity (ASC) roster in their different fields of expertise  as civilians. The civilian component, is responsible for the planning, training and deployment of civilian experts for peace support operations. within a mission, the civilian component provides a comprehensive intervention and is responsible for dealing with not only the violence related to a conflict, but also the structural and root causes of the conflict. the civilians deployed in peace operations are usually long-term actors to facilitate an exit strategy for the intervention force. The key areas of the civilian dimension are political affairs, rule of law, public information, elections, humanitarian affairs, human rights, disarmament demobilization and reintegration (DDR), security sector reform (SSR), civil affairs, child protection and protection of civilians.

The activity continues during the course of the week as candidates are interviewed for the ASC roster  for future Peace Support Operations (PSO).

Photo Gallery:Civilian Recruitment in Comoros

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