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EASF Concludes IMPC 02-2022

The Integrated Mission Planning Course (IMPC) that was underway since 29 August 2022 in Khartoum, Sudan, came to a successful completion on 8 September 2022. The closing ceremony was attended by the Guest of Honour, Lt Gen. (PSC) Abdoulmahmud Hamad Hussen, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Sudanese Defence Forces on behalf of the Chief of Staff and the Minister of Defence.

In his closing remarks, the Guest of Honor congratulated the organizers, the facilitators and the participants on the successful completion of the course. He assured the full support of the Republic of Sudan for EASF and its activities towards enhancing peace and security in the Eastern Africa region. Further, the Guest of Honor thanked the African Union (AU) which fundesd the course through the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA). He also thanked the participants as well as EASF Member States for sending participants for the course. He also thanked the Government of the Republic of Sudan for hosting the course and the Grand Hotel in Khartoum for availing the necessary facilities for the course.

Prior to the Guest of Honor, EASF Military Chief of Staff, Col. Abdallah Rafick, delivered remarks on behalf of the EASF director, Brig Gen. Getachew Shiferaw Fayisa. He expressed his gratitude to the Government and People of the Republic of Sudan for hosting the course and for the hospitality accorded to participants, facilitators and organizers right from their arrival in Khartoum. Col. Rafick expressed his pleasure that IMPC 02-2022 was the first Integrated Mission Planning Course offered exclusively by facilitators from the Eastern Africa region. He urged the course organizers, facilitators and participants to build on the experience gained from this course in order to ensure that the region has the required personnel with adequate expertise in mission planning.

The lead facilitator, Cap. Betty Kakai, and the course participants’ representative, Maj. Francis Saitoti, also addressed the audience at the closing ceremony.

IMPC 02-2022 is the second such course offered by EASF in 2022 following a similar course that was conducted in April 2022 in Rwanda.

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