Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

EASF Conducts Police Training in Rwanda

A PTS Training has been successfully conducted at Police Training School GISHARI in Eastern Rwanda for Police Female AMS Pre-SAAT Instructors.

The five-days course was conducted from 17 to 21 October 2022 at the very professional training facility with 27 trainees, 14 female and 13 male, from 7 of EASF Member States. The trainees had an instructor-background, either from the EASF Police regional pool of certified trainers and others from Rwandan National Police.

Commandant of PTS, Commissioner Robert Niyonshuti opened and closed the course – and he and PTS’s very supportive staff enabled a very successful training.

Led by a highly proficient Nordic Team of Female AMS facilitators from Norway and Denmark, the 4 facilitators enhanced the students (trainers) competencies and skills, which increased the EASF Regional Training capacities.

The students achieved all the needed theory and practical exercises enabling them to conduct the UN or AU Assessment Mission Service (AMS) before any selection as IPO’s – Individual Police Officers in a Peace Support Mission with UN or AU.

The training was also aimed as a Female Pre-SAAT training, enabling the female part of the IPO’s achieving better background and opportunities to pass the UN / AU AMS SAAT tests before deployments, and mostly of all – to enable more equal opportunities for female too - passing the tests.

It is a fact, that in some African countries, female Police officers will not gain the same opportunities in driving and shooting skills, as not everyone serve on the same conditions as their male colleagues.

After having been exposed to the language tests, driving test and shooting tests, the trainees became much more skilled to conduct the best training as possible in the future for the female applicants in the framework of EASF in an AU or bilateral context, and for some member states in a UN context.

In a related note, the Police Component and the Norwegian Lead facilitator paid a courtesy visit at the Police HQs in Kigali by the Inspector General de Police, Dan Munyuza.

Photo Gallery:Police Training in Rwanda

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