Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Youths Gather in Comoros to Discuss Peace and Environment

Youth for peaceThe Government of the Union of Comoros and the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) launched three days of activities in Moroni, Comoros from 25 to 27 April, 2023. The theme of the “Youth 4 Peace” event is “Promoting Peace, Protecting the Environment” and it is therefore aimed at sensitizing citizens of EASF Member States on efforts to emphasize the link between “Peace” and “Environment”.

 Several Senior Officials from Host Nation, EASF Director and Force Commander as well as more 50 young participants attended the Opening Ceremony led by Hon. Houmeid Msaidié, Comorian Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment, Tourism and Handicrafts, who is the Government Spokesperson.

EASF has taken an important initiative to shape the future for our young generation by influencing them positively. I believe that the seminar would highlight to young people ways in which they can play their important role in conflict prevention, management and resolution, as well as networking. Similarly, the tree planting event will demonstrate to the youth how to make their countries, their region and continent a healthy and peaceful place,” noted the Guest of Honour.

This “Youth 4 Peace” initiative works to actively engage youth peace groups and environmental groups by providing a platform for discussion on several issues. The three expected outcomes are: engagement of youth organizations in peace and security issues; strengthening the spirit of cohesion around environmental protection, including through reforestation and ocean protection; and promoting the EASF mandate and the AU continental framework on youth, peace and security.

EASF Director, Brig Gen Getachew Shiferaw Faysisa, recalled the importance of this event. “Our objective is to enhance cooperation between EASF and its 10 Member States in engaging the youth. The conduct of this joint activity is an indication of the extent to which we engage the young generation as well as in crafting a better future for our youth. We do this because we recognize the contribution of the youth towards Peace and Security in the region as well as environmental protection. As EASF, we feel greatly honored and privileged to have youth leaders from our Member States to shape their own future and make it better than the present,” he said.

This event confirms the commitment of the people and government of the Union of the Comoros to play an important role in peace and security in our country, our region, our continent and beyond. Thus, it was very logical that we host this activity and others in the future to confirm our will and determination”, reaffirmed Hon. Youssoufa Mohamed Ali, Minister of the Cabinet of the President in charge of Defence.

All speakers renewed their gratitude to the African Union and the European Union for the funding through the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) which allowed the conduct of such important activity, as well as for continuously guiding and supporting EASF in its mandate, vision and mission.

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