Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

African Union and EASF Issues Joint Statement on Elections in Comoros

EOM_Comoros_FinEASF has successfully concluded its Election Observer Mission (EOM) in the Union of Comoros with some important recommendations.


EASF Election Observer Mission to Comoros

EOM_ComorosThe EASF announces the arrival of its Election Observer Mission (EOM) in the Union of Comoros, The EASF advance team met with the AU Head of Mission at the Golden Tulip Hotel on January 11, 2024.


EASF and ECOWAS, Joining Hands on Civil Society Matters

The opening ceremony of the Civil Society meeting currently taking place at the New Stanley Hotel in Nairobi brings together diverse and rich representations from civil society organizations, Regional Economic Mechanisms, Regional Mechanisms and other stakeholders working in areas of governance and democracy.


Verification of Pledged Forces in Union of Comoros

Force Verification in ComorosThe Eastern Africa Standby Force rolled out a verification exercise of Pledged Forces in Union of Comoros on 25th September, 2023.

The verification team, led by the EASF Force Commander, the Joint Chief of Staff and other EASF officials. The Director of EASF, Brig (Rtd) Paul Kahuria Njema is also part of the team conducting the verification which is aimed at strengthening Comoro’s support to the organization and its commitment to the promotion of peace in the region. The Union of Comoros has pledged a multidimensional force comprising the military, police and civilians for EASF peace support missions.

Safeguarding the rights of children

Child ProtectionThe AU considers the rights, protection and welfare of children integral to its overall agenda for sustainable peace and security in Africa. To ensure the realization of the rights, protection and welfare of girls and boys, the AU has put in place; laws, policies, mechanisms and tools that if properly implemented will make Africa fit for its children. Conflict impacts on children differently and disproportionately which calls for deliberate measures to ensure that child protection is integrated into all African Union (AU) Peace Support Operations’ (PSOs) mandates, policies and programs.


EASF High-Level Meeting Forging New Partnerships

Friends_of_EasfThe EASF high-level Meeting was held on Wednesday, September 2023 at the Holiday Inn Hotel, in Nairobi. Ambassadors from various countries, Diplomatic Corps and Representative of different International Organizations attended the Meeting.



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