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Youth, Trees and Peace

A group of over 100 youths from EASF Member States and from Ethiopia Youth Federation braved the cold and misty morning in the Entoto park, Ethiopia to plant trees as part of the ‘green legacy’ programme, aimed at planting 6 billion tress by the end of this year.

The Guest of Honor, State Minister of Ministry of Agriculture His Excellency Mr. Sani Redi expressed his gratitude to both EASF and the youth delegates from the Member States for supporting the ‘Green Legacy’ Campaign. “Your action is an exemplary deed, it is my wish that as the trees grow and flourish, you will also grow and flourish in life as leaders of the young generation’’ concluded State Minister Sani Redi.

The ceremony started with a strong call from one of the youth delegates from Burundi, Aimee Nshimirimana calling on young people to meaningfully engage in the protection and promotion of the environment. After that, it was time for the youth delegates to present a peace pledge to the Director of EASF, Brig. Gen. Getachew Fayisa. The same pledge is also available on line, on the EASF Facebook Page for young people to share and endorse. On his part, the Director of EASF thanked the youth delegates from the various Member States for coming to Ethiopia to participate in the ‘Youth for Peace’ programme.
It is to be noted that the ambience at the ceremony was very energetic and lively with active participation of the young leaders. It was with the same spirit that the European Union representative to Addis Abba, Colonel Cedric Denier took the floor. He highlighted the EU’s commitment in supporting youth led projects especially in areas of peace and security. Colonel Denier made a special appeal to the younger generation to be more ‘environmentally conscious’ and to always be at the forefront in protecting the environment.
It was a perfect day for tree planting, the passing showers did not stop the youth delegates and others present to hike the green and swanky path walk of Entoto park and start placing each tree with gentle care in the wet ground. Entoto park is located on Mount Entoto, it takes up 50 hectares in the forests around Addis Ababa. The park sits at an altitude of 2600 to 3200 meters, and has 10km of roadway for cycling, and 13km for hiking.

According to Yannick Memee, a youth delegate from Seychelles, there is no greater joy than doing your part in protecting mother nature. ‘’It is a good feeling knowing that I have planted some tress in a faraway country from my beautiful Island, I have already posted some fantastic pictures on Facebook, just to share that proud feeling’’ Yannick told the EASF media team.

The Youth for Peace project is aimed at protecting the environment and promoting peace by engaging youth from EASF Member States. The project is funded by the European Union through the APSA programme.

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