Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Enhancing coordination for the Police Component

The Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) conducted a Police Points of Contact (PPOC) workshop in Mombasa, Kenya, from 9th – 12th March 2023. The aim was to update the nine Member States represented on the achievements, progress and challenges of EASF Police component and the need to keep an updated Police database.

The workshop also provided an opportunity to guide the participants on the criteria for selecting candidates to be on the Police roster.

 “This workshop is an important platform through which EASF maintains cooperation and coordination with the PPOC. It enables EASF and Member States to assess the status of pledged capabilities, evaluate previous achievements and recommend solutions to the challenges encountered during implementation of activities,” said the Head of the Police Component, Col Ali Mohammed Robleh. Col Ali emphasized the importance of an efficient database tool as it would determine success in the event of a deployment. “The PPOC should continue sharing their observations and challenges to enable the Police Component to make further improvements on the tool,” he encouraged.

 “Building capacity”

The Representative of the Inspector General of Police of the Republic of Kenya, CP Kenneth Kimani, reiterated “Kenya Police Service commitment to support EASF activities”. He highlighted “the importance of developing and maintaining EASF Police Roster database in line with pledged capabilities from Member States as this will aid the region in achieving safety and security”.

The same note from the Planning, Training & Evaluation Officer in the EASF Police Component, SSP Rachael Munge, who spoke in detail about “the importance of building capacity of Police Officers in relevant fields in readiness for deployment in Peace Support Operations.” This explains the need for a Police roster that lays down the processes and procedures regarding selection, recruitment and deployment.

 “Immense support”

This workshop also sounded like a first step in the future handover between the Police advisors. Indeed, the outgoing Police Advisor, D/CSP Bjarne Askholm, thanked the PPOC for their commitment “which has enabled the Police Component to achieve its objectives”. He acknowledged “the immense support accorded to me during my tour of duty and encouraged the participants to extend the same support to my predecessor.” D/CSP Bjarne applauded “the PPOCs for the enormous role they played in selecting the participants for various activities and for the continued cooperation with the Police Component and EASF in general.”

The incoming Police Advisor, SP Claus Andersen, introduced himself to the PPOC and expressed “the desire to meet other stakeholders to enable the understanding of the dynamics involved in the operations of the Police Component and EASF in general.”

The PPOC workshop was sponsored by the Royal Kingdom of Denmark which also chairs the “Friends of EASF”, which gathers all the donors and partners who support financially and technically the implementation of EASF's mandate, including the achievements of the Activity Plan.

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