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EASF Concludes Expert Working Group Meeting

EASF Expert Working Group (EWG) Meeting came to conclusion on 14 October 2022, by finalizing the documents prepared by the EASF Secretariat for approval by Policy Organ Meetings.

The EWG Meeting was closed officially by the chairperson, Maj Gen. Teshome Gemechu Aderie, from the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. In his closing remarks, the chairperson expressed his appreciation and thanks to EASF Member States for their full cooperation in sending very resourceful experts to this expert workshop. He also thanked the participants for their critical contribution and input that would help EASF advance its policies, guidelines, procedures and other documents towards a better achievement of its mandates.

The EASF Director, Brig Gen. Getachew Shiferaw Fayisa also delivered closing remarks. He thanked Member States for honoring EASF invitation to send participants. He also appreciated the chairperson for skillfully steering the meetings. He further commended the participants for their commitment and dedication in making the EWG Meeting successful. He appreciated the immense work done by the experts who examined and enriched the documents.

By the end of the EWG meeting that was underway since 11 October 2022, the participants signed on the finalized and agreed upon documents. The enriched documents will be presented to the 31st Ordinary Policy Organs Meeting scheduled for December 2022.

Photo Gallery:Closing of EASF Expert Working Group Meeting

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