Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

EASF Receives Satellite Communications Equipment

The Government of the Kingdom of Denmark, together with the United Kingdom presented the Command & Control Communications Information Systems (C2CIS) equipment to Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF), on 28th March 2019 at the Secretariat in Nairobi, Kenya.

On behalf of the Danish and United Kingdom Governments, the equipment was handed over to EASF by the Danish Deputy Ambassador to Kenya, Her Excellency Nina Berg and the Representative of UK Col. Freddie Ground. Also present during the ceremony were the Danish Defence Attache to Kenya Colonel Joern Rasmussen and the Danish Technical Advisor to EASF, Colonel Claus Pedersen.

The Deputy Ambassador applauded the numerous milestones EASF has achieved since it established in 2004. Since 2011, EASF has been a very important partner to the Danish Peace and Security program, working together closely in many capacities building activities.

EASF attained its Full Operational Capability (FOC) in December 2014 and has since then continued to focus on maintaining and enhancing this operational capability. The Government of the Kingdom of Denmark in partnership with the United Kingdom have been supporting the Standby Force in establishing a modem of Command & Control, Communication Information System that was handed over to EASF on the 28th of March 2019.

The EASF Director Dr. Abdillahi Omar Bouh underlined the regional peacekeeper’s focus on capacity building with the goal of establishing a tangible force ready for deployment. Significant progress has been made to ensure readiness in the event that EASF is called upon to deploy forces both within the region or elsewhere on the continent.

According to Dr. Bouh, the procured satellite communications system will augment the requirement for establishing strategic communication links between EASF Secretariat, Rear Force Headquarters, Logistics’ Base and Mission Area Components. Subsequently, installation and operational training has been conducted with focus on EASF CIS Staff Members as well as a detachment of the Signal Squadron of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

The EASF Director conveyed his warmest regards to the peoples of the two countries and appreciated the strong partnership which has been crucial to EASF's capacity building efforts.

The Government of the United Kingdom was represented by Col. Freddie Ground.


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