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EASF Launches the 32nd Ordinary Policy Organs Meeting

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The Eastern Africa Standby Force launched its 32nd Policy Organs Meetings (POM) on 22nd January 2024 at the Emara Ole-Sereni Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.

The EASF POM is a series of Meetings conducted usually at three levels that comprise the Experts Working Group (EWG) Meeting, the Meeting of the Committee of Eastern Africa Chiefs of Defence Staff (EACDS) and last but not least, the Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Defence and Security of the Eastern Africa Region.

The Policy Organs Meetings usually take place in the EASF Member States to deliberate on Strategic and Policy issues of the Organisation. The Experts Working Group Meeting was officially opened by Lt Gen Jonah Mwangi, the Vice Chief of Defence Forces of the Kenya Defence Forces. In his Opening Remarks, the Guest of Honor expressed appreciation for the honour accorded to the Republic of Kenya to host the Policy Organs Meetings. He commended the Director of EASF, Brig Paul Kahuria Njema for having taken the leadership a few months earlier and having been able to quickly “hold the bar” and adapt to the new situations relating to the leadership of the Regional peacekeeper. He pointed out the relevance of Organisations such as the EASF in promoting Regional Peace and Security in the wake of Regional, Continental and Global challenges and threats to Peace and Security.

He commended the EASF for the successful conduct of the just concluded Elections Observer Mission (EOM) in the Union of Comoros. He encouraged the Experts from Member States to remain open and thoughtful as they deliberate on the Agenda of the Meeting and to formulate insightful recommendations for the next level of the Meetings that will comprise the EACDS.

He concluded by reiterating the Republic of Kenya’s Commitment and desire to continually support the Eastern Africa Standby Force. Attending the Expert Working Group Meeting were Delegates from the Republics of Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda

The Policy Organs Meetings will be concluded on 27th January 2024 with the culmination of the Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Defence and Security. 

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